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Alcohol Brain Edition Adolescent Special On The Medical Council

Why Replace Your ID?

If your Virginia ID card is lost, stolen or damaged, you may obtain a replacement. You may also need to replace your ID if it is damaged or mutilated. Additionally, you may choose to replace your ID to change your address or change organ donor status.

If you are authorized to be in the U.S. temporarily and you were issued a limited duration ID card, the ID card may be replaced providing it is valid and unexpired. You will not be eligible to receive a limited duration ID card if your authorized stay in the U.S. is less than 30 days from the date of your application.

If you hold a license of any kind, issued by any state within the United States, you are not eligible for an ID card unless you surrender the license. If you currently hold both a driver's license and an ID card, you will be required to surrender your driver's license before you can replace your ID card.

A replacement ID card costs $10.00.

Replacing Your ID Card Online

You may obtain a replacement identification card online and save $1 UNLESS:

  • Your current ID card was issued prior to January 1, 2004.
  • Your name must be changed or corrected on your identification card.
  • Your identification card has expired.
  • You owe money to DMV for a prior transaction.
  • You are under the age of 18.
  • You have an identification card photo that should be retaken.
  • Your customer number on file needs verification.
  • You have surrendered your identification card to another state.
  • You do not have a Virginia address.
  • You have already requested an identification card replacement online today.
  • You are required to provide proof of legal presence.

Replace Now

Replacing Your ID Card at a Customer Service Center

To obtain a replacement ID card at one of our customer service centers:

Please note that you will not receive your new ID during your DMV visit. Instead, you will be given a receipt and you will receive your new ID card in the mail. For this reason, it is important that DMV has your current address.

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